Below are just a few comments we have recieved from some
of our sanctuary parents ...
With a full and grateful heart I am writing this testimonial for Pattys Parrot Palace.  One of the most difficult and
heartbreaking decisions I have had to reach was that, for now, I am not able to give my Heidi the home she needs. Due
to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to be with Heidi and where she was, they had a difficult time holding,
playing or interacting with her. She had gone from an open door cage to being caged and unable to come out at all.
When I was able to visit her, it was obvious in her face how unhappy she was. I knew then that the best place for Heidi
was with someone else. I cried for days after I started looking for a new home for her and the pain only became worse
when uninformed people called saying they’d take her. They either had no idea the commitment required to homing a
bird or they had no idea the type of personality an Eclectus has. I was beginning to think I’d never find a wonderful place
to home Heidi when I found Trish. When I first became Heidi’s Mom, it was never my intent for her to be in another home.
Having worked in animal rescue, I never thought I’d be in the position to need to re-home a beloved a family member.
Some of the people I spoke with that wanted to take Heidi in tried to make me feel badly for my decision to re-home her,
something I had never done. I knew, even before I needed to do so myself, the decision to re-home, for many is
heartbreaking. Trish was kind, comforting and most important; she knew the personality of an Eclectus. She understood
the pain it took for me to reach my decision and she felt humbled to be allowed to be Heidi’s new home. My journey to
give Heidi a new and loving home was not only one that brought me many tears, but a long drive as well. When I knew
Trish was the one to be Heidi’s new Momma, we set forth on a 9 hour drive From the Atlanta area to Orlando. Luckily,
Heidi was accustomed to car rides and enjoys them as well. She sat very nicely on her bird car seat as she preened. I
also set her tent up on the floor board, so she would wander up and down the car seat to the tent, or my knee. There was
concern on my part as to how Heidi would take to being in a new home, again, it is the Eclectus personality and they are
not known for being sweet and easy going. So I was worried she would become upset, especially with so many big
birds, something she had never been around. When I walked into Trish and Tony’s place, Heidi took to Trish very easily.
My biggest concern was how she would take to Tony, as Heidi has never been fond of men and usually reserved her
greeting for them by tearing flesh from a finger. To my delight and shock when Tony said step-up, Heidi did so with no
reservation. Tony then went to the sofa to lie on his back and he set Heidi down, she curled up on his chest. Up until that
moment, she had only ever done so with me. Trish has text me pics of Heidi, which greatly ease my concerns and
makes me very happy, and Heidi looks very happy as well.

For those who do not know, female Eclectus parrots or Ekkies as many call them, do not usually get along and normally
beat the heck out of each other if caged together or are close enough to reach the other. Heidi and another female Ekkie,
have become best buddies. Trish and I are surprised at this, and I am in awe. I feel this goes to the core of how well the
flock is taken care of. They are so happy and well balanced that they step out of what is their norm and seem to be in

My heart is still saddened that I was not what was best for my baby, but having her with Trish eases that sadness many
times over.

It was a hard decision to give Wasatch up.  After 15 years, she was part of
our everyday life.  However, as she aged and needed to adjust to Norah
(our full time everyday visitor and wonderful granddaughter), Wasatch
began to act out, loudly.  I had been searching for a place that we could
support moving her to knowing she would be well cared for and not be sold
off to some parrot crazy person.  After finding Trish on the Internet and
visiting with she and Tony I was sure we found the right fit for Wasatch.  
Without people like the Koile's, birds that have been abandon or abused,
along with birds like Wasatch that had their life's turned around from
everyday challenges owners are faced with, these birds would continue
"living" in environments far less than they deserve. This sanctuary is well
worth any and all consideration.  Jeff and I truly feel Wasatch will continue
her parrot life in the surroundings she deserves.  Thanks again for you
service and care.

Debbie M
This is my Mom's parrot that went to a parrot rescue place
after her passing. I can't believe what Patty has done with
him! He never got that close to people or out of the cage.
Can you tell he is smiling?!!! Great work Pattys Parrot
Jennifer C.
With my father living with my husband and I who had major medical issues it was necessary for us to find Lily a new home.  I looked into all the
possibilities including Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Animal Kingdom.   I visited 4 bird sanctuaries and I interviewed over 25 people who wanted to
purchase Lily Grace.  All in the effort to find her not
Birds take special care and attention and no one seemed to be able to offer the right environment for her.  She is a special bird, a part of the family not
something that I just wanted to re- home.  Lily Grace has the sweetest eyes, she is very cute and cuddly and a girlie girl that needed just the right place
and I would stop at nothing less.  We raised her from a baby.   She was used to a lot of human contact and she was only caged at bedtime.  I was in a
constant state of “looking for a home” for Lily G.  On a trip to Petsmart,  I spoke with one of the associates.   He said that he knew someone who had a
bird sanctuary, and he would pass my number on.  

Trish was on the phone with me in twenty minutes.  I was very guarded, and of course just talking about it made me tear up.  I am sure she thought I
was a crazy person.  Patty’s Parrot Palace is a non-profit 501C sanctuary, and it’s close to where I live.   The next day, I loaded Lily in the car and went
over to meet Trish and her feathered friends.   I knew right away when I met Trish that Lily would be happy there.  It is a fantastic place with many other
birds that are all happy and singing and it is amazingly clean!   Oh yes, I cried just because I liked the place.   We hung out for over an hour, Lily
appeared interested & intrigued.  I set up another appointment to go back with Lily Grace & my husband.  We stayed for about 3 hours.  On the way
home my husband confirmed my initial gut feeling that Lily would love it there.  Yes, I cried all the way home.  So, after crying all night we called
Trish to tell her that Patty’s Parrot Palace was the perfect home for our spoiled rotten bird.   

I was not going to go the day we dropped Lily off, because I knew I could never keep it together, but…this was my baby and I could'nt stay away.  It was
by far the hardest thing I have ever done.  I have never cried so much in my life!  After having a bird you realize what a tragedy it is to domesticate all
the beautiful birds and cage them.  It is not how they were meant to live.  Very sad….

Yes, I still cry when I go to visit Lily, but I am absolutely 100% positive she is in the BEST place.  She is happy and talking and enjoying herself!  If you
are in the position that you have to re-home your bird for whatever reason and are committed to finding them the perfect home, then Patty’s  Parrot
Palace is the right place.   The care and love is outstanding!  I cannot thank you enough!
XO Robin T