About Us
                            About Patty's Parrot Palace:

Patty's Parrot Palace, Inc. was established because we saw a need for a permanent solution for birds who
were displaced due to economical, behavioral and other personal reasons. We began our organization after
we rescued 13 birds from one private owner prior to becoming approved for our non profit status. These
birds were in horrific conditions and the rescue can be seen on our You Tube page.

We understand what a hard decision it can be to surrender a member of your family and because of that we
are here to answer your questions, invite you to visit the sanctuary and continue to be active in your birds
life even after they become part of a bigger flock!

If we are able to place your bird and you wish for him/her to live their lives out with us, we ask that you
help support your bird through our sponsorship program. We ask that you join the Membership which is
$500.00 for the smaller birds, conures, quakers, cockatiels, etc. and $1000.00 for Macaws, Cockatoo's,
Amazons, Greys ... We have tried to estimate a fair figure of what you would be spending on food and toys
for your bird if you were to keep them with you on an annual basis.

This donation/membership allows you to continue to be part of your birds life with us. Including follow up
emails or phone updates, pictures and visits. Please understand that our space is limited but we will try our
best to help you place your bird in the best environment possible regardless of your situation.

Make no mistake our intent is always "THE BIRD COMES FIRST"

If your concern is cost please do not hesitate to speak with us privately regarding your individual needs and
the needs of your loved one. We are able to make special exceptions including payment arrangements. We do
not want money to be the reason you decide somewhere other than with PPP for your baby.

In closing statistically Macaws average 11 households in their lifetime, our intent is to make a difference and
insure that every bird knows they are home for good
when their Mom/Dad bring them to the Palace :)

The Palace does make exceptions in which a relinquishment fee of $
500 per bird is requested for us to pick
up and transport your bird to our location. This does not guarantee membership but will allow you the peace
of mind that your baby is being placed in a safe loving environment until such time as a new qualified home
has been chosen or permanent residence with us is deemed necessary.